Twenty Years Ago

Today I noticed this tweet by way of a blog post by SJ O'Hart that gave me pause. Could it really be that 1997 was twenty years ago? By the bountiful bowels of Bacchus... I feel so old. In spring of that year, I was a scrawny beanpole of a high school freshman, shy around... Continue Reading →


A Time To Embrace

Our prophets foretold that my people would find a homeland, in the fullness of time. But now we are scattered to the beginnings and ends of the Earth, and my ragtag band of refugees constantly asks when we'll find this promised land. Wind whips my hair as I stand atop a hill overlooking a grassy... Continue Reading →

Reading at the Event of my Death

Day 18 of the A-to-Z Challenge. R is for Retrocausality, or reverse-causality; the idea that an effect can precede its cause. Though some physicists, including Hawking, speculate that the laws of nature will conspire to prevent time travel, many physical laws, such as particle interactions, can be interpreted to include backward-in-time travel. To be opened... Continue Reading →

Albert Einstein’s Brain is Stolen!

A story written for day 1 of the A-to-Z challenge. A is for Albert Einstein, celebrated Nobel prize-winning physicist (for his explanation of the photoelectric effect), one of the founders of modern physics, and renowned hater of socks. "Put down the brain and let's talk." Xav squinted at the thief, gamma pistol aimed squarely at his... Continue Reading →

Sagitta Struck

Another Flash! Friday two-fer. The prompt is still a parking lot, along with this CC2.0 photo by Tanakawho. I stood my ground upon the fresh asphalt. Here I would make my stand, bold as the white paint that striped this parking lot. My journey had taken me across the known universe. I had trod barren... Continue Reading →

Hailee Eddinger Loves Errant Nights

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-21. The photo prompt this week was beautiful -- I couldn't come up with an idea to do it justice. As nightfall approached, music from lyre and aulos filled the citadel. Their long war was over; the besieging army driven away. A captive of the city-state's king, Hailee wept... Continue Reading →

Hailee Eddinger Laughs Last in Stiletto Heels

An entry for Flash Friday vol. 2-15. A ruddy leviathan of a sun beat its oppressive light upon the ragged landscape. Through the tinted windshield, Hailee saw sunspots on its enormous surface that were bigger than the full moon. She exited the vehicle in full protective gear. "It's an oven out here!" "Minimal carbon dioxide... Continue Reading →

Life in Flux

For Flash Friday vol. 2-12. When the judge sentenced me, I laughed. Life in prison, for a retiree? Hard time changes even an old man. I fell in the shower too often, so the warden put me in solitary -- "protective confinement". After ten years behind those steel bars, I learned to cry. I mourned... Continue Reading →

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