Never the Bride

There he stands, by the preacher, oceanside. Immaculate tuxedo and perfect blond hair glowing with sunlight. White dress. White gloves. Lanolin smooth skin. Her cherry lips quiver. Today they would tie the knot on the shores of this island paradise. My revenge on her will be black as its sands, treacherous as its tides. How … Continue reading Never the Bride

Snow White and Red All Over

Once upon a time, I had it all. My parents were royalty: their kingdom was great, and I was their world. Then an evil witch cursed them, and they died. That alone was insufficient for her, so she cursed me, too. I felt my life spiraling into tragedy, until my Prince Charming found me. He … Continue reading Snow White and Red All Over

Mercury Poisons

If she had only stolen my husband, I would have gotten over her betrayal long ago. But Abbi Stronton wasn't just my backstabbing witch of a best friend. She was prosecutor general for North America. Why should someone of her legal stature wait through a messy divorce? Sedition was the charge, fifteen years the sentence. … Continue reading Mercury Poisons

Z-End of the Line

It's the last day of the A-to-Z Challenge! Z is for Zeta Reticuli, a binary star about 39 light-years from Earth, and fairly popular in science fiction. If you've never heard a firsthand account of riding a hyperspace zipline, I'll sum it up in two words: pure terror.¬†Humans just weren't meant for hyperspace travel, and … Continue reading Z-End of the Line

Life Lit Up

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-20. Even from this distance, I recognize you, Hassan al-Fathi. Who else could it be, surrounded by your gaggle of guards and guns? Before the revolution, global defense companies hired me to work their secret contracts. I developed the weapons the superpowers used in their distant conflicts. Never would … Continue reading Life Lit Up

Hailee Eddinger Laughs Last in Stiletto Heels

An entry for Flash Friday vol. 2-15. A ruddy leviathan of a sun beat its oppressive light upon the ragged landscape. Through the tinted windshield, Hailee saw sunspots on its enormous surface that were bigger than the full moon. She exited the vehicle in full protective gear. "It's an oven out here!" "Minimal carbon dioxide … Continue reading Hailee Eddinger Laughs Last in Stiletto Heels