Manufactured Peace

There was jubilation throughout the Old City: at the venerated Western Wall, holy men and pilgrims of all faiths gathered to commemorate the occasion. After millennia of hatred and conflict, the elusive dream of peace was at last realized. Paxbot's emotive subroutines registered amazement at the humans' response. Along the wall, people prayed, lit candles,... Continue Reading →


Variable Resistor

Another double-duty post. This story is written for the A-to-Z Challenge: V is for Vacuum Tube, a switching component commonplace in electronics (and thus in golden-age sci-fi) prior to the development of the transistor. And for Flash! Friday vol. 3-20, where the prompt is to include a man-vs.-man conflict, along with this public domain photo.... Continue Reading →

Industrial Accident

A story for the A-to-Z Challenge. I is for inertial dampers. Don't leave homeworld without them. (And don't confuse them with inertial dampeners, because then you'll be all wet.) CC9-A opened his optics to full aperture to examine the dark interior of the spacecraft. "You're slowing down, JR," he taunted his colleague as metal feet clanged... Continue Reading →

Cold Medalist

An entry for Flash Friday Vol 2-9. For the first robot Olympian, laurel crowns and gold medals meant nothing. Victory would bring NVS-1 the only thing he wanted: respect from the humans. His first memory was a file upload: the first modern Olympics. How that grayscale image had captivated his impressionable neural net! Olympians –... Continue Reading →

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