Hailee Eddinger Laughs Last in Stiletto Heels

An entry for Flash Friday vol. 2-15.

A ruddy leviathan of a sun beat its oppressive light upon the ragged landscape. Through the tinted windshield, Hailee saw sunspots on its enormous surface that were bigger than the full moon. She exited the vehicle in full protective gear.

“It’s an oven out here!”

“Minimal carbon dioxide atmosphere,” her Tattler told. “Surface temperature 627 Kelvin.”

“Hot enough to melt lead. Chroniton detection?”

“Positive, southwest.”

“He’s here!” Hailee debated her options. Shadowed by a rocky outcrop, her vehicle — a VW Acerbus mini-bus — was safe from the hellish heat. Her silver thermal suit, though…

“Cooling system failure within two hours,” warned the Tattler. “Recommend immediate mission abort.”

“Negative!” With dogged determination, Hailee set off. Barren dirt crunched beneath her heavy boots. “I’ve followed him to the end of the Earth. I won’t rest until I get back what he stole from me.”

“A pair of shoes is not worth the risk.”

Hailee ignored the Tattler and marched on.


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