A Year of VSS365

A little over a year ago, my New Year's resolution was to write more. And in particular, I challenged myself to participate in VSS365 every day in 2018. The outcome? I did it. 2018 is over (hooray), and I posted a VSS365-tagged tweet each day. Not all of them were good, and I may have... Continue Reading →


My Flash Failures

As the last Friday of 2014 passed, I found myself looking back on a year of Flash! Friday writing. Over the past year, I've read countless1 wonderful works of short fiction by some brilliant flash authors. I also participated in the contest myself most weeks, writing forty-three2 stories for the contest, and even participating a... Continue Reading →


Once again, November is almost upon us, and with it comes National Novel Writing Month. For thirty days in November, anyone and his cousin Rory can be a novelist. How does it work? Easy! Just start banging on a keyboard after midnight on November 1st, and keep typing until you reach 50,000 bananas -- er... Continue Reading →

Writing and Git Version Control

I've recently started using Git version control for my writing. Since I don't know many writers, I have no idea how commonplace this is, but I do know that people have written articles about doing so. A Brief History In the beginning, I kept all of my writing in the My Documents folder. When I... Continue Reading →

Novel 0.1 — Why Can’t I Finish?

When I first found NaNoWriMo back in 2004, I thought it was an interesting idea. Getting started is the hardest part of most projects, so, for anyone who keeps thinking about writing a novel someday, make that someday the month of November. NaNoWriMo is an exercise in collective human suffering. For thirty days of November,... Continue Reading →

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