I Am Death, Too — The Unauthorized Sequel

Written for Warmup Wednesday, as an unauthorized follow-on to Rebekah Postupak's story, I Am Death. (Image prompt by Parkour Foundation) She came to the end of the alley. Dead-end. How ironic. Teary-eyed, she banged against the window glass. “Please help!” she screamed. “Death tried to give me his business card!” But the staff at the... Continue Reading →


Captain Sanitation: Custodian of Cleanliness

A Flash! Friday two-fer! Again, the prompt is to include a janitor, along with the image shown. As dawn broke over Cascade City, the midtown skyscrapers were aglow in blue lights and flooded with activity. Police barricades surrounded the Cascadia Coliseum, separating the clamoring reporters and gathering onlookers from the hero of the hour. Mayor... Continue Reading →

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