Countdown to the Comet

A story written for day 3 of the A-to-Z challenge. C is for contraterrene matter, an early alternative term for what is now known as antimatter. Sir James Marten greeted the two gentlemen as they entered the observatory floor. "Your Majesty," he bowed to the first. "Sir James Marten," his visitor replied. "May I introduce... Continue Reading →


Runaways on Hope Street

“Tell me it again, Rudder. About the Moon.” Roderick embraced his kid sister, for warmth as much as affection. The wind ripped straight through his ratty coat. “They’s a huge castle up there on the Moon. Bigger even than this factory. But clean, ’cause the Man in the Moon has hundreds of servants to scrub away the grime.”

5 Misconceptions about the Moon

The Moon holds a special place in our imaginations -- and why not? Along with the Sun and the five classical planets, the Moon is one of the few celestial objects whose apparent motion in the night sky can be seen. You can even see its disk with the naked eye -- and unlike the... Continue Reading →

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