Smarter Cars

It's the year 2015... a year that seemed to be the distant future when I was a kid. We partied like it's 1999. We survived The End Of The World As We Know It™ in 2000. We made it! We're living in the future! We have smart phones, smart TVs, smart appliances. So... why hasn't... Continue Reading →


Manufactured Peace

There was jubilation throughout the Old City: at the venerated Western Wall, holy men and pilgrims of all faiths gathered to commemorate the occasion. After millennia of hatred and conflict, the elusive dream of peace was at last realized. Paxbot's emotive subroutines registered amazement at the humans' response. Along the wall, people prayed, lit candles,... Continue Reading →

X One

Target acquired... To my optical sensors it's invisible, but nothing could conceal the heat signature from its engines. Another human pilot is about to make a run at the quarantine zone.


If a deep space probe could be said to have a heart, then the heart of Starcross-1 was an ingot of samarium-151. Through the physics of beta decay, this heart pumped the electrons that would flow through the semiconductors of the probe's electronic brain.

The Last Pilgrimage

Gretchen's journey ended seaside. The roiling clouds of the machines gathered at the horizon, scrubbing away the blue skies. Her blue bike, the last loyal machine, had carried her a thousand miles over broken asphalt, but gave out in the end. She reminisced as she walked that last mile to the beach. In her lifetime, she had lost good friends, two husbands, and both children.

Cold Medalist

An entry for Flash Friday Vol 2-9. For the first robot Olympian, laurel crowns and gold medals meant nothing. Victory would bring NVS-1 the only thing he wanted: respect from the humans. His first memory was a file upload: the first modern Olympics. How that grayscale image had captivated his impressionable neural net! Olympians –... Continue Reading →

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