Never the Bride

There he stands, by the preacher, oceanside. Immaculate tuxedo and perfect blond hair glowing with sunlight. White dress. White gloves. Lanolin smooth skin. Her cherry lips quiver. Today they would tie the knot on the shores of this island paradise. My revenge on her will be black as its sands, treacherous as its tides. How... Continue Reading →


A Ritual at Nighttide

Another Warmup Wednesday! This time, the prompt is to end with the word peace, along with this image. Not far from the glimmering coastline of humanity, I and my partner stood stationed at the ship's bow. Though outwardly confident, a glance at the dark churning waters of the harbor made me hesitate. What unseen horrors... Continue Reading →

In Good Times and Bad

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-41. This week's prompt was to include a marriage proposal, and the photo prompt was Krak des Chevaliers/Qalat al-Hosn, Syria. CC photo by Jon Martin, shown. Few Americans would call Syria home, but that's life in the Agency. I can navigate Homs better than DC. That castle across the... Continue Reading →

King Me

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 2-35. This week's prompt was to "include a wedding", and the image prompt is shown. John Talbot’s presentation of the Book of Shrewsbury to Queen Margaret of Anjou ca 1445 AD. "Lord Shrewsbury, I protest! I cannot wed her!" The wise and wizened Earl of Shrewsbury thumbed through the massive... Continue Reading →

Love and Honor

Written for Flash! Friday - vol 2-31. This week's prompt is "friendship", and the photo prompt for this week is yet another important event in American history: the infamous Hamilton-Burr duel. This wedding would be one-of-a-kind. Her fiancĂ© stood laughing with his friends beneath the sweltering sun. The preacher waited beneath the shade of an... Continue Reading →

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