5 Places in the Solar System Where Life Might Be Found

Science fiction of the past was filled with little green men from Mars. What locations in our solar system might possibly support life?



It was too late to turn back -- for all of them. Three weary explorers stared out the porthole as the spacecraft A Shot in the Dark hurtled toward Comet 266P/Christensen. "Collision course set," announced Michelson as the main rocket engine died. "That's the last of our fuel." Dr. Grigori stared out at the stars.... Continue Reading →

Dashiell vs. the Dragon Invaders, Chapter 3

The mottled orange face of the alien sun loomed large in the viewscreen. Sweating bullets and gasping for breath, Dashiell pressed his browline glasses back up his nose. Blood dripped from the clawmark across his chest. "Just a scratch." Leaning against the cryogenic conduit to cool himself, Dashiell checked his .38 revolver. "One bullet left." With a crash,... Continue Reading →

Navajo Street Spaceport

A Flash! Friday vol. 3-23 entry. The prompt is to set the story downtown, along with the public domain photo shown. "A thousand years ago, my people lived on these lands." From the downtown street corner, the shirtless drifter shouts at passers-by. Humans and aliens alike ignore him; walking, slinking, and slithering past him toward... Continue Reading →

Universal Translator

Day 21 of the A-to-Z challenge. U is for Universal Translator, a vital but invisible part of most science fiction. Because Star Trek just wouldn't be the same if Captain Kirk had to woo green alien women with the aid of an intepreter. "Sorry to call you out here so late, Colonel. We've had a... Continue Reading →

Jansky Noise

This story serves double-duty. For Flash! Friday vol. 3-18, the prompt is to include a spy, along with the shown CC2.0 photo by Foto Michel. For day ten of the A-to-Z challenge, J is for Jupiter brain, a megastructure the size of Jupiter, designed for tremendous computational capabilities. I was nervous about my first visit to... Continue Reading →

Sagitta Struck

Another Flash! Friday two-fer. The prompt is still a parking lot, along with this CC2.0 photo by Tanakawho. I stood my ground upon the fresh asphalt. Here I would make my stand, bold as the white paint that striped this parking lot. My journey had taken me across the known universe. I had trod barren... Continue Reading →

The Date the Earth Stood Still

A Flash Friday! two-fer. The prompt was girl next door, along with this CC2 photo by Scott Ableman. "Why so glum, Kelsea?" her manager asked as he wiped down the high top tables. "I'unno." she sighed, leaning against the bar during the mid-morning lull. "I guess I just thought Washington would be more exciting." "Exciting?... Continue Reading →

A Dragon, Unmasked

His eyes aglow behind the mask, young Long rushed breathlessly toward the celebration. Since time immemorial, the Fire People had celebrated the Blood Moon Festival with the brightly hued masks of their vanquished foes.

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