All Rise for the Popular Verdict

"Woe unto Babylon!" The man in black stood atop a fiberglass boulder, pointing an accusatory finger towards the painted horizon. "You have given yourselves to carnal pleasures and bloodlust!" I ran past a thatch hut. With luck, this clueless preacher would distract the audience just long enough. "Twenty seconds," the producer announced in my earpiece.... Continue Reading →


Matinee of Torment at the Theater of Lamech

"We lit up Tinseltown onscreen and off... Alas, you were the better acting talent. I never suspected..."

Guilty as Sin

The foreman’s verdict thundered in my head like the roar of propellers... Twelve men had seen through those shameless lies.


He fled down an alley and into the back entrance of a little white church. Reshaping his body into a human silhouette, he strained as bony fins contorted into five-fingered hands, and mottled silver skin became a smooth flesh tone. His fleshy barbels trembled beneath his new beard.

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