Two Old Top Dogs of War

Swords drawn, armor polished, we face off across the manicured lawn. Two sovereigns who each would rule the world. Today that quest will end for one of us. From a ragtag band of savages, I built an empire. Armed with a machete, i hewed paths through dense jungles. I turned game trails through mythic woodland... Continue Reading →


Cassandra Said There’d Be Days Like This

"You never take me anywhere!" I shudder at the voice that could sink a thousand ships. "Because, dear Helen," I mutter through gritted teeth, "the city is encircled by my enemies." "Excuses, excuses." Helen primps her silky hair and checks her reflection in a palace mirror. Her handmaid fans her with a palm frond. "My... Continue Reading →


Long ago, when the blue moon eclipsed the white moon at the edge of the blood-red Colorado Nebula, the evil god escaped and scourged the cities of the planet. With our technology destroyed, our people fled to the mountains. There, Yanahah came to us.

X One

Target acquired... To my optical sensors it's invisible, but nothing could conceal the heat signature from its engines. Another human pilot is about to make a run at the quarantine zone.

Split Decision

Against the backdrop of stars, Comet Spencer Jones glowed like the surface of the Sun. Giordano knew this was an illusion: her spacesuit HUD interfaced with the shipboard computer to project a false-color image. Though the comet shone brightly in gamma frequencies, it was dark as the black sands of Maui in visible light. She tried to focus on calibrating the railgun, rather than the eerie glow that constantly hovered in her peripheral vision.

No Food in the Doctor’s Office, Please

Day 14 of the A-to-Z challenge. N is for nuclear winter, a theoretical drop in temperature following a nuclear war, caused by soot released into the atmosphere by firestorms. Or possibly for nitrous oxide, an anesthetic, engine combustion enhancer, and rocket fuel. The place used to be an urgent care facility. Now shards of glass... Continue Reading →

Jansky Noise

This story serves double-duty. For Flash! Friday vol. 3-18, the prompt is to include a spy, along with the shown CC2.0 photo by Foto Michel. For┬áday ten of the A-to-Z challenge, J is for Jupiter brain, a megastructure the size of Jupiter, designed for tremendous computational capabilities. I was nervous about my first visit to... Continue Reading →

Hotter than the Sun

Another day of the A-to-Z Challenge! H is for heat-ray. In The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, the Martian invaders use a heat-ray against helpless Earthlings. Heat-rays, along with death rays, ray guns, blasters, beam guns, and zappers were common in science fiction long before the real-world invention of the laser. "What's in... Continue Reading →

Countdown to the Comet

A story written for day 3 of the A-to-Z challenge. C is for contraterrene matter, an early alternative term for what is now known as antimatter. Sir James Marten greeted the two gentlemen as they entered the observatory floor. "Your Majesty," he bowed to the first. "Sir James Marten," his visitor replied. "May I introduce... Continue Reading →

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