These are some of the favorite stories on FTL Pizza, chosen by user comments, opinion, hearsay, and occasionally by consulting a ouija board. Some of these writings even contain essential story elements such as a plot, characters, and setting.

Disclaimer: Stories on FTL Pizza are works of fiction. Any resemblance to existing persons, places, events, and/or pecan pies is coincidental.

girl-blue Come to Grief
A story of grief and loss in a futuristic society. (Cracked Flash Fiction Contest winner)
flash-gordon-buster-crabbe-1936 Dashiell vs. the Dragon Invaders, Chapter 3
A sci-fi writer faces an unexpected sci-fi challenge. (Flash! Friday winner)
liverpool-a-case-history Runaways on Hope Street
Two runaways out in the cold dream of a warmer place. (Flash! Friday winner)
kenya-kittens Roar?
It takes more than the eye of the tiger to win the gladiatorial games. (Flash! Friday entry)
coliseum-in-rome Captain Sanitation: Custodian of Cleanliness
In futuristic Cascade City, a new superhero vows to clean up the troubled town. (Flash! Friday entry)
airplane-316716_1280.1 A Conversation in the Airport Lounge
“He hurriedly opened the window to drink in what she knew to be his very last sunrise…” (Finish that Thought winner)
squid-523833_1280 And They Are Ours
“All may be fair in love and war, but Kayleigh just stepped way over the line…” A sci-fi story with aliens and a decisive battle. (Finish that Thought winner)
Uranus Puck, Uranus
A story about progress, philandering, and the search for purpose, set in orbit of a certain outer planet whose name should not be mentioned in polite company.
gare-du-nord Terminal
A flash story about treasure and loss. (Flash! Friday winner.)
11117359723_770984278f_b L’Enfer, C’est La Guerre
Between missions, a military general reflects on war, death, and regret. (Flash! Friday winner.)
kolmanskop_sand The Sands of Space and Time
Alien visitors provide a new perspective on patience. (Flash! Friday winner.)
court_of_honor_and_grand_basin Standing Before the Public Thing
Is just a nice story about a winter day in a plaza.

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