Titan was one of the safest worlds, yet occasionally the metal-bodied Progeny swooped down from the smog-covered skies, kidnapping humans, hurtling them across the cosmos in translucent vessels for reasons unknown.


Juror 853

reminder to jurors: evidence is anonymized My dad used to talk about the pre-revolutionary days. Jury duty meant physically sitting in court, yet cases were televised worldwide. Modern justice is more sensible: I can serve on a jury remotely, completely unbiased. accusation: badthink A serious accusation. Since the revolution, civil society no longer tolerates intolerance.... Continue Reading →

Farm of the Future

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 3-26. The prompt is to have a farmer protagonist, along with this CC2.0 photo by Brian (Ziggy) Liloia. In the earliest days of humankind, primitive farming relied on good fortune and favorable weather. Families toiled in dusty fields under the harsh sun to scrape by. My colleagues and I stride... Continue Reading →


Katida was fiercely proud of her model airplanes, even though nobody else seemed to be. There in her little room, on the fifth floor of the greengrocer's building on Avenuo Novjorko, she would spend her evening hours beneath the sapphire-tinged light of her desk lamp. No one else built models anymore...

Secret Santa

Agent Freely brushed away glass fragments and retrieved the red menace. Outside the shattered window, the elderly couple and their bloodied accomplices were already being lined up to face their penalty. A crowd watched silently, mesmerized by the blue strobes and terrible weaponry of the Response Team.

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