The Night Princess

When Minuella was a child, her summer days were spent laboring in the fields and tending livestock. At night she lay upon her straw mattress, with her cat Sareel curled up next to her, as Grandfather told tales of faraway lands and great kingdoms. Grandfather's stories were the only wealth left to the family: they... Continue Reading →


Daichi’s Parricide

Written for Flash! Friday vol 3-15, where this week's prompt is the setting of a parking lot, along with this CC2.0 photo by Tanakawho. From the time Daichi was born, he lived in a world divided. The only son of a temple priestess and a foreign investor, he witnessed many heated arguments during his childhood.... Continue Reading →

The Umbrella Doesn’t Stand You Up

I wanted to sneak a second entry into Flash! Friday vol. 2-51. Unfortunately, I didn't finish until one minute past the deadline. Oh, well. Once again, the prompt was coming of age, along with the image shown. Your Hand in Mine/Goodbye. CC2 photo by Tony. Alaina opened the red umbrella and waited with her toes... Continue Reading →

The Deadpan People

A thousand years of rains have washed the blood of forgotten gods from the hillsides. And what use are gods to a people who have subdued the Earth themselves?

Small Fish

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-43. This week's prompt was to include a politician, along with the photo prompt shown. Local fisherman, Yugoslavia. CC photo by GothPhil. Vasska stood on the bow of the tottery fishing boat. The lake waters rippled all the way to the horizon. His net was empty. Astern, Gavril sat... Continue Reading →

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