Hailee Eddinger Loves Errant Nights

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-21. The photo prompt this week was beautiful — I couldn’t come up with an idea to do it justice.

As nightfall approached, music from lyre and aulos filled the citadel. Their long war was over; the besieging army driven away.

A captive of the city-state’s king, Hailee wept into her anachronistic Guinevere dress. Sir Aodhán had failed her. Soon Hailee’s camouflaged chronocar would automatically return to her far future home — without her. Her dad would be furious.

Sir Aodhán had been so charming. A backseat mishap landed them nearly three millennia on the wrong side of medieval Britain. Fascinated by his steel armor and tales of chivalry, these Bronze Age warriors had hailed Aodhán as a hero.

Outside, celebration instantly became panic. Swordplay? A familiar face appeared at her window. “Aodhán?!”

“Fairest maiden! Your magical steed awaits. Let us be off!”

Greek soldiers poured through the city gates, chanting their hero’s name. “Ajax! Ajax! Ajax!”

“So they mangled your name, too.” She embraced her knight. Together they mounted the wooden horse and vanished into misty legend.


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