Dashiell vs. the Dragon Invaders, Chapter 3

The mottled orange face of the alien sun loomed large in the viewscreen. Sweating bullets and gasping for breath, Dashiell pressed his browline glasses back up his nose. Blood dripped from the clawmark across his chest. "Just a scratch." Leaning against the cryogenic conduit to cool himself, Dashiell checked his .38 revolver. "One bullet left." With a crash, … Continue reading Dashiell vs. the Dragon Invaders, Chapter 3

As the Romans Do

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 3-10. The prompt is to include a gladiator, along with this photo prompt by Kerri Lee Smith. As the next combatant enters the arena, I am struck by our similarities. Gladiators both, outsiders to this society, condemned to fight tooth and claw for the spectators' amusement. This one is fresh … Continue reading As the Romans Do