Mercury Poisons

If she had only stolen my husband, I would have gotten over her betrayal long ago. But Abbi Stronton wasn't just my backstabbing witch of a best friend. She was prosecutor general for North America. Why should someone of her legal stature wait through a messy divorce? Sedition was the charge, fifteen years the sentence.... Continue Reading →


Dashiell vs. the Dragon Invaders, Chapter 3

The mottled orange face of the alien sun loomed large in the viewscreen. Sweating bullets and gasping for breath, Dashiell pressed his browline glasses back up his nose. Blood dripped from the clawmark across his chest. "Just a scratch." Leaning against the cryogenic conduit to cool himself, Dashiell checked his .38 revolver. "One bullet left." With a crash,... Continue Reading →

Lucky Break

Another story for Flash! Friday vol. 3-27. The mandatory setting was a theater, along with the public domain photo shown. "Our revels now are ended. These our actors... um... are melted into air." A flubbed line, but the show must go on. Not that these orange-jumpsuited brutes could appreciate Shakespeare. Empty eyes, emptier heads stare... Continue Reading →

Life in Flux

For Flash Friday vol. 2-12. When the judge sentenced me, I laughed. Life in prison, for a retiree? Hard time changes even an old man. I fell in the shower too often, so the warden put me in solitary -- "protective confinement". After ten years behind those steel bars, I learned to cry. I mourned... Continue Reading →

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