All the Pretty Girls, Kenny Chesney – Flash Jukebox

What if I try to read "All the Pretty Girls," by Kenny Chesney, as a work of flash fiction? I can already hear you. "That doesn't make sense, Benny! That song isn't a story song!" Well, my name isn't Benny, and I'm going to try it anyway. You can listen to the song free on... Continue Reading →


Making Out in the Main Belt

Halfway through the A-to-Z challenge! M is for mothership, a large ship that carries smaller ships. Flying saucers and bug-eyed monsters are not necessarily involved, though they certainly make things more fun. Through the porthole, the stars spun in slow, lazy circles.¬†Jako tried to ignore them, and the queasy sensation of microgravity.¬†Instead he focused his... Continue Reading →

The Date the Earth Stood Still

A Flash Friday! two-fer. The prompt was girl next door, along with this CC2 photo by Scott Ableman. "Why so glum, Kelsea?" her manager asked as he wiped down the high top tables. "I'unno." she sighed, leaning against the bar during the mid-morning lull. "I guess I just thought Washington would be more exciting." "Exciting?... Continue Reading →

Little White House

Written for yesterday's Flash! Friday vol. 3-14. The prompt was to include the girl next door, along with this CC2 photo by Scott Ableman. My childhood memories revolve around that little white house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Her mother paid me $5.01 -- two Lincolns, as she said -- to mow whenever the... Continue Reading →

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