God’s Snowglobe Collection

After the blaze of light subsides, you notice the collection immediately. Orbs of stars, swirling in a blizzard of chaotic patterns against a velvet backdrop.


God and Good Wine

From the porch, nothing except nature remained, out to the horizon. Skyscrapers tinted red with sunset had vanished instantly. "You got rid of the city?" I asked uneasily. "How?"

The Deadpan People

A thousand years of rains have washed the blood of forgotten gods from the hillsides. And what use are gods to a people who have subdued the Earth themselves?

Quantus tremor est futurus

Flames flickered on the horizon; ashes flew like snow in a blizzard. Within the concrete walls of the monastery, Dom Exos folded four of his tentacles in prayer. "Miserere mei, Deus."

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