A Year of VSS365

A little over a year ago, my New Year's resolution was to write more. And in particular, I challenged myself to participate in VSS365 every day in 2018. The outcome? I did it. 2018 is over (hooray), and I posted a VSS365-tagged tweet each day. Not all of them were good, and I may have... Continue Reading →


Word Choice Word Cloud

Do you ever feel as though you keep reusing the same words in your writing? Whenever I notice this in my own writing, it annoys me. (I used the word "conflagration" in two consecutive sentences? Argh!) Out of curiosity, I decided to generate a word cloud from all of the stories I've posted this year.... Continue Reading →

My Flash Failures

As the last Friday of 2014 passed, I found myself looking back on a year of Flash! Friday writing. Over the past year, I've read countless1 wonderful works of short fiction by some brilliant flash authors. I also participated in the contest myself most weeks, writing forty-three2 stories for the contest, and even participating a... Continue Reading →


Once again, November is almost upon us, and with it comes National Novel Writing Month. For thirty days in November, anyone and his cousin Rory can be a novelist. How does it work? Easy! Just start banging on a keyboard after midnight on November 1st, and keep typing until you reach 50,000 bananas -- er... Continue Reading →

Flash! Friday judging, round 2

Once again, I have the privilege of judging the weekly Flash! Friday writing contest. This week's prompt is to include an alien, along with this image from Gemini V. Come write an astounding skiffy story in 150 words. And be sure to post it at the link by midnight tonight, or else it'll turn back... Continue Reading →


In order to spiff up FTL Pizza just a tad, I'm in the process of adding some nice colorful artwork. (Ok, some of it is tacky, and some of it is black-and-white.) The stories I've written for Flash Friday now include the original image prompts for each week. For the other stories, I've put together... Continue Reading →

Writing and Git Version Control

I've recently started using Git version control for my writing. Since I don't know many writers, I have no idea how commonplace this is, but I do know that people have written articles about doing so. A Brief History In the beginning, I kept all of my writing in the My Documents folder. When I... Continue Reading →

Novel 0.1 — Why Can’t I Finish?

When I first found NaNoWriMo back in 2004, I thought it was an interesting idea. Getting started is the hardest part of most projects, so, for anyone who keeps thinking about writing a novel someday, make that someday the month of November. NaNoWriMo is an exercise in collective human suffering. For thirty days of November,... Continue Reading →

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