Cold Medalist

An entry for Flash Friday Vol 2-9.

For the first robot Olympian, laurel crowns and gold medals meant nothing. Victory would bring NVS-1 the only thing he wanted: respect from the humans.

His first memory was a file upload: the first modern Olympics. How that grayscale image had captivated his impressionable neural net! Olympians – proud gods among men. How they were lauded and cheered and loved!

Years had passed. Upgrades transformed NVS-1 from a clunky robot into an agile metal marvel. Yet even as he toiled among them, he remained an outsider to human society.

The Sesquicentennial Games approached. Athens restored the Panathinaiko to glory.

And NVS-1 was a competitor!

He bolted the skis to his feet, polarized his optics against the glare, then looked at his human competitors. The secret to biathlon, he decided, was to shoot first, then ski. He chambered a rifle round.

Ready… Aim…

A hundred thousand screaming human spectators leapt to their feet. NVS-1 listened to their cheers. Victory!


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