The Date the Earth Stood Still

A Flash Friday! two-fer. The prompt was girl next door, along with this CC2 photo by Scott Ableman.

“Why so glum, Kelsea?” her manager asked as he wiped down the high top tables.

“I’unno.” she sighed, leaning against the bar during the mid-morning lull. “I guess I just thought Washington would be more exciting.”

“Exciting? Kid, we have power players coming through every day. That ain’t exciting enough for ya?”

She shrugged. “They never notice me. Except Half-Caff Soy Latte who complains that I’m too slow.”

“What about that saucer?” he nodded toward the South Lawn, where the shiny metallic disk still stood motionless near the White House on its three spindly legs. “That’s pretty exciting.”

“It’s just sitting there. Besides, any aliens are gonna talk to the President. I’ll never even see any little green men.” It took her a minute to realize that her boss’s gaze was fixated out the window. A creature approached, short, green-skinned, with a bulbous head and tentacles.

The alien being entered the coffeeshop, followed at a distance by soldiers, Secret Service, reporters, and awed onlookers. Its mouth tendrils trembled as it waddled up to Kelsea’s register and stared at her with bulging black eyes. Then it spoke in perfect English.

“Hi. I’ve seen you around, and… would you go out with me?”


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