Serial stories available at FTL Pizza. Ongoing serials will be updated on an irregular basis.

comet-1Contraterrene – When astronomers discover a comet threatening the future of the Earth, the British monarchy leads a decades-long secret project to avert disaster. A three-part story written for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2015.

  • Countdown to the Comet – As war looms, two major powers embark on a long-term plan to save the world from a greater threat.
  • Killing Blow – Decades after its discovery, members of the secret cabal conspire to place themselves into positions of power.
  • Split Decision – At the culmination of decades of secret work, the cabal’s mission and the fate of the world rests with one person.

In the Crosshairs – In the Fiver system, the human inhabitants of Bertrand dyson have survived multiple attacks by vecs from the nearby asteroid belt. Can they stop the hostile vecs before the next attack kills every inhabitant of Bertrand? (Loosely set in the Orion’s Arm collaborative universe.)

  • Part I – Drifter awakens to find that he has become a vec, and assigned a vital mission.
  • Part II – Gabeta searches for intelligence on the vec leadership.
  • Part III – As he approaches his target, vec-Drifter has strange dreams.
  • Part IV – With his target in sight, vec-Drifter carries out his mission.

ball1 Christmas Field Journal – An alien junior researcher in the Galactic Survey Fleet discovers an odd human custom known as Christmas, and is nearly driven mad by the revelation. Can he unravel this mysterious holiday, or will Rudolph and Santa prove too much for him? (Written for Christmas 2014)


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