About FTL Pizza

Open for lunch and dinner, FTL Pizza is your friendly neighborhood hole-in-the-wall hideaway from those pesky laws of physics!

We serve up your pizza and beverages before you even look at the menu. Order tomorrow’s lunch special yesterday. Or sample our beers on tap from around the galaxy. And don’t forget to tip your waitress for her supraluminal speedy service.

(Yeah, it’s just a writing blog.)

This is just a personal blog for some of my writing. All of the alleged stories on here suffer from a serious lack of editing. They’re mostly unfinished, and messier than a 40-piece bucket of buffalo wings slathered in atomic sauce.

Don’t be surprised to find half-baked ideas, tasteless situations, nonsensical plots, and characters flatter than a slice of New York style pepperoni and sausage pizza.

So if you don’t mind that, then enjoy your visit to FTL Pizza, and thanks for coming!


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