About the Proprietor

FTL Pizza is a writing blog created by Phil Coltrane. Despite rumors to the contrary, Phil is not a time traveler sent from the year 10,667 to defeat time-traveling atomic-powered robot ninjas, nor can he violate the laws of physics. In fact, he isn’t even a real pizza chef.

As a child growing up in North Carolina, Phil’s brain was corrupted by Golden Age science fiction anthologies from the school library, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Omni magazine. He went to school at NC State University, and ten years later, still has that dream.

(You know that dream? It’s exam week, and suddenly you realize that you have an exam right now for a class that you forgot about and never attended all semester?)

When Phil is not working his actual job as a .NET software developer, he enjoys spending time with his (non-geek) wife and two daughters. He enjoys reading speculative fiction and zombie stories (but his wife doesn’t let him watch zombie movies anymore).

Questions? Suggestions? Recipes?

Please contact me using the contact form below. Thanks for visiting FTL Pizza, and please come again soon!


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