A-to-Z Challenge 2015

In April 2015, I attempted the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge by writing 26 blog posts related to sci-fi. Presented here is a mix of 26 flash fiction stories and non-fictional articles, from A to Z.

70b2f-aAlbert Einstein’s Brain is Stolen!
In the distant future, a disgruntled but misguided criminal has stolen Einstein’s brain

Its deep space mission completed, a space probe contemplates its own existence.

5d32f-cCountdown to the Comet
An antimatter comet threatens civilization in this secret history sci-fi disaster. Part 1 of 3.

89424-dDude, What a Buzzkill!
When you’re high, there’s nowhere to go but down. (Also a Flash! Friday entry.)

A misfit girl resolves to prove herself to a society that has rejected her.

Fusion and Confusionb53f5-f
Love is like the stars: brilliant and capable of fusing light elements.

God’s Snowglobe Collection38fcd-g
… it’s full of stars.

Hotter than the Sun3a8c6-h
Doesn’t everyone keep an old Martian heat ray in the attic?

Industrial Accidente53b4-i
They’re made of meat?

Jansky Noisea4bc2-j
A jupiter-brain holds the key to saving humankind from an alien grey goo catastrophe.

Killing Blow334c1-k
As an antimatter comet approaches, a secret cabal plots to save Earth from certain doom. Part 2 of 3.

Landing on your Feet3ba82-l
It’s not easy being a little green man.

Making Out in the Main Belt19194-m
On a field trip to the asteroid belt, Jako learns that stereotypes can blind you to possibilities.

No Food in the Doctor’s Office, Please4f0d7-n
There’s never a doctor when you need one after the nuclear apocalypse.

OO’Neill Cylinder
A non-fictional look at a space station design common in science fiction.

PPensées in Pollux b Penitentiary
Life as a mindwiped penal colony prisoner. (Also a Flash! Friday entry.)

A mostly non-fictional look at Quaoar, one of the large Trans-Neptunian Objects in our Solar System.

6ba29-rReading at the Event of my Death
What if you knew where you were going, but not where you came from?

29676-sSplit Decision
A multi-national crew intercepts a comet. Is a lucrative prospect worth gambling with the fate of Earth? Part 3 of 3.

dcca6-tTo Tahiti by Teleport
There are too many newfangled gadgets in sci-fi. Now get off my lawn, dagnabbit!

Universal Translator3215e-u
Does easier communication lead to better understanding?

Variable ResistorV
A household robot for the mundane chores… and maybe some not-so-mundane. (Also a Flash! Friday entry.)

A quick non-fictional look at wireless technology, from Tesla to today.

de450-xX One
Human ambition cannot overcome the laws of physics.

518e6-yYocto- to Yotta-
The smallest and the largest metric prefixes. A non-fictional look at the scale of yoctometers and yottameters.

d138a-zZ-End of the Line
When chasing your arch-nemesis across vast interstellar distances, make sure you know why you’re chasing him.


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