What is the Meaning of Cam’s “Burning House”

Ever since my last post, this site has been getting a lot of search hits wondering about the meaning of Cam’s song “Burning House”.

It’s about a bad breakup.


Well, that was easy.

Of course, that’s only if you take the songwriter’s word for it. There’s a school of thought that says that the author’s interpretation of her work is no more authoritative than any other reader’s interpretation.

That is, even though Cam wrote the song about a bad breakup she experienced, maybe you (the listener) heard it as an impassioned song about addiction, or a somber reflection on divorce, or even a symbolic complaint about the waitress who brought your eggs scrambled rather than sunnyside-up.

If you’re not convinced of your own interpretation, and are looking for group consensus, there’s always the SongMeanings, where you can read what other people think the song means, and share your own interpretation.


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