Cassandra Said There’d Be Days Like This

“You never take me anywhere!”

I shudder at the voice that could sink a thousand ships. “Because, dear Helen,” I mutter through gritted teeth, “the city is encircled by my enemies.”

“Excuses, excuses.” Helen primps her silky hair and checks her reflection in a palace mirror. Her handmaid fans her with a palm frond. “My first husband took me places. And our anniversary is coming up.”

I nod grimly. “Ten long years.”

“Ten months, jerk.” She scowls. “When we eloped, you promised you’d show me Paris.”

“Yeah, that was a lame pun.”

My fastest messenger arrives. “I relayed your message to the Spartan king. He said she’s your problem now.”

“Nuts!” I politely decline when the handmaid brings me walnuts. Inside the palace, the most beautiful woman in the world demands my time. Outside, the collected armies of the Greeks demand my head.

“I think I’ll take a little walk.”

This straightforward inversion of The Iliad was written for Flash! Friday vol. 3-39. (Oddly enough, the prompt was The Iliad. Image is a public domain image off Pixabay.


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