Trial of a Lifetime

A two-fer for Flash! Friday. The prompt is still to include a lawyer, along with the public domain photo prompt.

“You know why they call me Hellcat?” he shouted at the stormy sky through the enormous gash in the fuselage. His legal briefs lay strewn throughout the wreckage; his briefcase drifted away. “Because law is war, and I’ve shot down more Zeroes in the courtroom than any Pacific fighter ace.”

His leg was pinned within the twisted wreckage, bleeding profusely, but his immediate concern was the rising water. The pilot floated face-down nearby: there was no one to rescue him. Within minutes, the downed aircraft would drag him to his watery grave.

Twenty years of legal experience had taught him that litigation, like life, was a give-and-take struggle. Know what you want. Offer a compromise. Take what you want, and concede what you don’t need.

“I’m going to live!” he raged against the heavens as he struggled to free his leg from the wreck. Lighting cracked the sky in half as the rain pelted him. “I’m going to live!”

His hand came across a bent piece of shrapnel. He gripped the jagged steel and raised it high above his head, then took aim at his crippled limb and laughed wildly.

“You want me?! You’ll settle for my leg!” He plunged the makeshift blade fleshward.


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