To Tahiti by Teleport

Day 20 of the A-to-Z challenge. T is for teleportation, the instantaneous movement of matter from point A to point B.

As I read the sign, I knew that our cultural obsession with instant gratification had finally gone too far. Others may call it progress — the continual grind of technological advancement — but there’s something about the rare wonder of an exotic locale that’s lost when it becomes as convenient as the corner Starbucks.

Oh, sure, I was happy when instant coffee came along. Anything to get my caffeine faster. Likewise, email made snailmail better, and then mobile web and push notifications made email better still. And when self-driving cars came along, I could finally enjoy my morning commute.

Once the prices dropped on home printerfabs, every household needed one: the convenience of online shopping combined with instant delivery. The same with all of the miracles of modern technology. Smart dust. The UbiNet. Pleasurebots. Spyfog. Mindswap booths. Each of those made life simpler, in its own way.

But direct teleport to the tropical beach of your choice? Have we gone mad?


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