Dude, What a Buzzkill!

This story was written both for Flash! Friday vol 3-17, and for day 4 of the A-to-Z challenge. The Flash! Friday prompt is to write about a blunder, along with the GNU Free Documentation License photo by Daniel Schwen. The A-to-Z challenge: D is for descent, the act of coming down. (Much like the protagonist of the story.)

The moment his feet hit the sand, Liam knew this was a bad idea. But he was still buzzed from last night, and Mia was watching him with those midnight blue eyes when his friends dared him to surf the jet stream.

Working for Designer Aerial Beachfront LLC brought plenty of perks for the friends. Their most recent trillionaire client wished to show off his fortune by building a lavish beachfront house five thousand feet in the air. Each night after hours, they partied in style in the unfinished mansion in the clouds.

“Watch this!” boasted Liam. Balancing on a small sand-covered antigrav board, beer bottle in hand, he hovered in midair, riding the breeze like a surfer on a wave.

“Dude, bet you can’t reach a mile high!” taunted Logan. Liam hesitated: riding the board upward would carry him away from the safety of the construction platform.

Pride won out: as Mia and the rest watched, he rode uneasily upward. Reaching a mile altitude, he jumped for joy.

As his feet hit the sand, he instantly realized he had landed off-center. The antigrav board tilted forward, and he lost control. “What a buzzkill!” Liam shouted as he plunged past his friends, toward the waiting Earth.


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