Captain Sanitation: Custodian of Cleanliness

A Flash! Friday two-fer! Again, the prompt is to include a janitor, along with the image shown.

As dawn broke over Cascade City, the midtown skyscrapers were aglow in blue lights and flooded with activity. Police barricades surrounded the Cascadia Coliseum, separating the clamoring reporters and gathering onlookers from the hero of the hour.

Mayor Rainey was already on the scene at the Coliseum as the Chief of Police led away the battered, bruised terrorists in handcuffs. A line of officers followed him, carrying away weapons and explosives as evidence.

The mysterious new superhero stood proudly in his bright blue cleanroom costume and filter mask, conspicuous against the stone walls of the landmark building. He recounted his tale for the major news outlets.

“Let the vile scum and dirtbags know…” The masked mop-slinger held aloft a cleaning implement for emphasis. “No grime and no crime can escape Captain Sanitation and his Mop of Justice!”

Mayor Rainey posed with the superhero for a front page photo op. Cameras flashed and excited citizens shouted the superhero’s name.

“Our city owes you a debt of gratitude.” The mayor shook the superhero’s rubber-gloved hand. “Thank you for foiling this terrorist plot and capturing the culprits!”

“Terrorist plot?” Captain Sanitation asked, befuddled. “I captured them for tracking mud onto that nice clean floor!”


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