God and Good Wine

Written for Flash! Friday — the year three kickoff prompt is simply the image shown.
Wine Glass. CC2 photo by BlakJakDavy.

From the porch, nothing except nature remained, out to the horizon. Skyscrapers tinted red with sunset had vanished instantly.

“You got rid of the city?” I asked uneasily. “How?”

Renee didn’t bother getting out of her Adirondack chair. “I have certain powers,” she said, shrugging.

“Who are you to just wipe out an entire city?”

“Who are they to just build a city here?” She swirled her wine glass and tilted it toward the distant mountains. “Look at that amazing view.”

“It’s beautiful, but what about all those people? Are they dead?”

“Not dead. They just… never existed.”

“And could you bring them back?”

“Of course! Tomorrow, maybe. I just need to pause and reflect.”

She poured me a glass. “It’s a lovely Shiraz.”

The fruity red wine wafted through my nose, and played on my tongue. I looked through the refraction of the wine glass to see the sunset, the distant mountains, and the whole Earth contained within.


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