The Umbrella Doesn’t Stand You Up

I wanted to sneak a second entry into Flash! Friday vol. 2-51. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish until one minute past the deadline. Oh, well. Once again, the prompt was coming of age, along with the image shown.

Your Hand in Mine/Goodbye. CC2 photo by Tony.

Alaina opened the red umbrella and waited with her toes in the water. Soon this rainstorm would pass. The clouds would clear, and Christophe would come.

He said he would love me forever.

She closed her eyes and smiled, remembering words whispered softly in her ear. Right here last night, they had stolen a little time just for themselves. No one had ever made her feel so special.

He told me I looked beautiful in the moonlight.

Morning would bring the end of summer vacation. Alaina would fly back home, Christophe back to college. If only she hadn’t been so shy — forced him to make the first move. No matter, she thought. They would have one last, perfect night together.

As the tide rolled in and the sun rose over the ocean, Alaina stood alone in the waist-deep water, still holding the red umbrella.

He said he would come.


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