A Question of Authorship

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 2-49. This week’s prompt was to include a famous author, along with the photo prompt shown.

Barbary Macaque, Gibraltar. CC 2.0 photo by David Stanley.

Elizabeth dismissed her guards as she entered the chamber of the renowned playwright. “William? We need to speak with you privately.”

“Lizzie! I wrote you a poem!” Dropping his quill, the macaque leafed excitedly through scattered pages. “Shall I compare thee to a ripe banana? Thou art more fragrant, but less squishy…”

“This is serious, William. Rumors are spreading.”

His eyes widened. “Do people know I’m a monkey? I had that fake portrait painted…”

“No. They say you did not write your plays.”

His jaw dropped. “Sure, I stole a couple from Marlowe, but there are no more original ideas in literature! And my last play was brilliant!”

Elizabeth picked up a handwritten folio of “Love’s Labour’s Won,” and read: “Ook. Ook? Ook! Ook! Ook. Ook?”

William chuckled to himself. “Brilliant! My work-in-progress, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, will be better yet!”

Elizabeth sat down at the table and picked up a quill. “We shall help you edit.”


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