Small Fish

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-43. This week’s prompt was to include a politician, along with the photo prompt shown.

Local fisherman, Yugoslavia. CC photo by GothPhil.

Vasska stood on the bow of the tottery fishing boat. The lake waters rippled all the way to the horizon. His net was empty.

Astern, Gavril sat gripping the oars, but not rowing. “How did you get into such a dirty job?” Vasska asked the fisherman.

Gavril shrugged. “Long ago, I met a fisherman who changed my life. And you, young man?”

“Heh…” the youth blushed. “Last year I ran for public office. But everyone thought I was too young to understand the common man.”

“I see.” Gavril ran a finger thoughtfully across his shaggy beard. “And you want to improve your image? Videri quam esse?”

“Vide-what? Anyway, I’m out learning about the real world.” He struggled to untangle himself from a rope, and smiled wryly. “Maybe someday I’ll be President.”

Gavril rose to help Vasska haul the empty net aboard. “It’ll take a long time, boy, but first I’ll teach you to be a fisherman.”


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