Pirate vs Ninja in the 28th Century

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 2-37. This week’s prompt is arrogance, along with this image prompt, cheerfully entitled “Marooned”.

Captain Red Jake Rollintide left a trail of bootprints in the rich maroon sands. The alien sun had risen and set three times since his vessel had crashed from orbit. A plume of radioactive smoke still rose from the crater.

Jake let loose another phlegmy cough. “Yarr,” he muttered — a curse in his native tongue. Though this world was (barely) terra-grade, chlorine levels of eighty-six parts per million took a toll on his lungs.

“Jaku-san,” the disembodied voice spoke again. “Accept defeat, and I will offer my assistance.”

Red Jake slumped to the dark sand, gasping for breath, the taste of his own blood on his tongue. “I’ll be pushin’ daisies ere I kneel to a bilge-rat like you, Shinobu.”

“There are no flowers on this world, Jaku-san. The air, the waters all are poison.”

Red Jake spat at the dark sand. “Shinobu Dakusuta,” he said in a raspy voice. “Your ninjutsu is weak.”


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