Written for Flash! Friday vol. 2-32. This week’s prompt is “clumsiness”, and the photo prompt is shown below.

Shiva, by Raphael Goetter.

Ain’t too long back that Sunday afternoon’d find me plopped on the couch, watchin’ the NASCAR race.

I ain’t never been an athlete. In high school, I’s such a klutz I’d trip over my own cleats. Football’s more fun watching from the bleachers. Besides, I can barely walk a straight line sober, let alone after all the beers I drank as a teen.

And gymnastics? My daddy would’a whomped me if I wore a leotard.

So how could a clumsy fool like me be in this old gym on a Sunday afternoon, watching my little gymnast about to perform?

She steps out onto the balance beam, the picture of grace. The blurry camcorder image refocuses as I zoom in.

Step. Step. Hop. Hop. Dance. Here comes the headstand…

Her hand slips off the beam. She lands flat on her back, bruising her pride.

The other parents gasp, and I feel guilty for chuckling.

That’s my little girl.


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