Love and Honor

Written for Flash! Friday – vol 2-31. This week’s prompt is “friendship”, and the photo prompt for this week is yet another important event in American history: the infamous Hamilton-Burr duel.

This wedding would be one-of-a-kind. Her fiancé stood laughing with his friends beneath the sweltering sun. The preacher waited beneath the shade of an elm tree, in costume.

My best friend Alex Hamilton has always been fascinated by her unrelated namesake’s famous and fatal demise.

We’d spent countless childhood afternoons tromping through these woods. Standing in our secret place, sweating beneath our souvenir tricornes, we faced off at the traditional ten paces with sticks as our pistols.

The day she showed me her half-carat pawn shop engagement ring, I knew what the wedding theme would be.

“Did you bring it?” whispered Alex softly.

I surreptitiously dropped the lead ball into her hand, turning away to avoid witnessing her placing it into the breech of the replica Wogdon dueling pistol.

“I can’t believe he saw that skank! The night before our wedding!”

A minute later, the preacher convened us beneath the shade tree. “Dearly beloved…”


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