Conceived in Liberty

Written for Flash! Friday – vol 2-30. For the Independence Day holiday, the prompt is to “include a woman”, and the photo prompt is Writing the Declaration of Independence. Painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863 – 1930).

Tell you a secret? She’s older than she looks.

She claims ’76 as her birthdate, but she was already a fair lass that year, running free through the countryside in her gossamer dress.

What a rebellious age! You couldn’t tell her anything… though truthfully, I could have been a better listener.

Has there ever been a more sweltering July day? She stormed out. “Columbia!” I shouted after her, grabbing her shoulder. A shouting match became a brief brawl. “See ya, Brit,” she said flippantly as she left with her insolent friend Marianne. I nursed my wounds in stunned solitude. Not “Mom”, not even a formal “Goddess Britannia”… just “Brit”?

What can I do but watch from afar, and worry? She wants so badly to be a woman, a new goddess in the pantheon of liberty. How could she ever be anything but the mewling infant I held in my arms through so many sleepless nights?


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