Summer in the Elysian Blackberry Fields

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-27. This week’s prompt was “friendship”.

“I declare, ain’t you a pitiful sight!” Mrs. Sessom licked her thumb and scrubbed grime from the cheek of her barefoot visitor. “Does your mama know you’re wandering around town dressed in those filthy rags?!”

“Ain’t got no mama,” said the girl. “Father’s overworked. I’m selling berries door-to-door to help.”

Mrs. Sessom examined the crates of blackberries oozing dark purple juice onto her stoop.

“No one bought any, ma’am. Most of the townsfolk just yelled at me.”

“Oh, sweet child. Ignore the hateful ones. With the recession, and record drought… Tell you what: I’ll buy all two peck o’ blackberries!”

The girl beamed. “Honest?”

“Yep. And remember, you always got a friend in ol’ Mrs. Sessom.”

Relieved of her burden, the girl rushed home. “Father! Someone helped us out!”

Father smiled and embraced her. “So there still is one good soul.” With a wave of His hand, He canceled the rain of brimstone scheduled for the city.


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