Aqua Omnium Florum

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-25. The prompt is “freedom”.

Leiania fled the woods, into the meadow. Never again would she join the revelry of the Festival of the Dryades. Never again feign merriment amidst their celebration of springtime freedom.

Water trickled from a nearby rock face, pooling in a natural font: the legendary Fountain of Freedom. Cupping her hands, she lifted the cool water to her lips.

The Anthousai woodsprites knew nothing of freedom, Leiania thought. She wanted the freedom of the Mortals: to grow up, fall in love, have children.

Immediately she felt peaceful as a lotus-eater. Her outstretched hands turned a beautiful shade of green. She smiled at her sunny yellow reflection in the pool of water. Leiania planted her feet, wishing to root herself to this amazing place. Leiania felt just dandy.

Her hair stood on end and grew white. A sudden gust of wind blew the fuzz off of her head, borne by the wind to seed her offspring across the meadow.


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