Bill Collector

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-24. The prompt is “Include an unpaid bill”.

Three spindly fingers wrapped around the doorknob. “Greetings, human.”

The visitor was a young blonde with a clipboard. “Hello, Mr. Medlin! Lightfoot Desert Automotive has sent me here to collect your auto loan payment.”

Qwerksgwridel gave her a bug-eyed glare. “My name is Qwerksgwridel. You seek my neighbor across the street.” He pointed a slender finger toward the mail drop.

Oblivious to his bulbous green head and glittering jumpsuit, she scratched out the name on her paperwork and wrote ‘Qwerksgwridel’ in pen.

“Mr. Qwerksgwridel, you are significantly in arrears. Will you make a payment by cash or credit card?”

“My species takes no interest in your ears, and I possess no Earth currency.”

She faked a smile. “Lightfoot Desert Automotive understands how difficult unemployment can be. However, we will repossess your vehicle.”

Qwerksgwridel glanced at his Brixillian intergalactic combat cruiser in the driveway. He smiled at the bill collector. “Good luck, Earth creature.”


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