The Woman in the Moon

An entry for Flash! Friday vol 2-22

How often in childhood had she visited me? Crept into my bedroom through my open window, dressed in a gown of silver gossamer, to spirit me away?

High above the sleeping world on a beam of magic light, my troubles seemed so distant. Rabbits in the nighttime field, young lovers in their secret places, cannot avoid her gaze. Unseen, I learned so much with her.

My mother knew before I did how a girl becomes a woman. If only I had listened. No matter what my sisters said, nor how my father fumed, I knew my path to womanhood lay with my secret love.

I never dreamed my love would leave. For forty days and nights it rained. I wept. Like moonlight on a stormy night, my magic world had disappeared. When at last the light peeked through again, it was not the illuminating magic light of childhood; it was the merest sliver of wisdom.


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