Life Lit Up

An entry for Flash! Friday vol. 2-20.

Even from this distance, I recognize you, Hassan al-Fathi. Who else could it be, surrounded by your gaggle of guards and guns?

Before the revolution, global defense companies hired me to work their secret contracts. I developed the weapons the superpowers used in their distant conflicts.

Never would I have dreamed that your shadow would fall upon our peaceful land. That my sons would die at your hands, victims of my work. That I would welcome being forced to wear a burqa, to cover my scars.

I continued my work in secret. My greatest weapon is now ready. My sons will be avenged. My granddaughters will grow up basking in the light of freedom.

You think you’re safe, Hassan al-Fathi? You have no idea what I’ve planned for you. You are accustomed to weapons that break people’s bodies.

I’ve learned how to steal your soul.


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