Afternoon of the Spaceman

An entry for Flash Friday vol 2-16.

“Three… two… one… Blast off!”

Gravel flew as Jimmy the Spaceman pedaled as fast as he could. This time, that bug-eyed monster Willie McGurk would not escape interplanetary justice.

“You’ll never catch me, Spaceman!” taunted his foe as they zoomed through the bridge tunnel.

The valiant spaceman leveled his atomic laser blaster squarely at McGurk’s craft. “Pew! Pew! Pew!”

Yet the battle-hardened McGurk the Merciless skillful dodged the laser bolts. “No hands!” he bragged.

Alas, pride was McGurk’s downfall. The shiny vehicle wobbled in its course, then spun out. McGurk tumbled, landing on a lush green planetoid. An indigenous plastic flamingo observed him in silence.

Jimmy the Spaceman aimed his blaster at the fallen opponent. “Your nefarious space pirate days are over, McGurk!”

Willie McGurk dusted himself off, noticing the grass stains on his t-shirt.

“I’m bored of this. Let’s ride over to the corner store and get a soda.”


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