Earth Day on Ark Ship 1173

An entry for Flash Friday vol 2-14

For the Elders, the 10th Earth Day is a nostalgic celebration. Not for you.

All of this is alien to you, who have never seen Earth. As artificial as the light from the sunlamps illuminating this cargo bay. As restraining as the ribbons tying up your golden locks of hair, which usually fly as freely in zero-g as the helium balloons you’re inflating.

The Captain talks of the importance of remembering tradition, now that Earth is gone forever. The Elders applaud.

You fidget in your ballet dress. “How can I teach dance in weightlessness?” your teacher has often complained.

Now your lanky friends struggle as the power-hungry gravity generators enforce up and down. Your frail legs struggle with the weight imposed on you. A music box melody plays the Elders back to better times. Back to Earth.

Your dance begins. But, my little girl, how can you dance with your feet on the ground?


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