Hello, World!

This is not a real story. It is just a few paragraphs of crazy text that I put together as a sample for learning how to use Markdown formatting. It has no plot, and makes absolutely no sense.

Hello, World!

Chapter 1

Ashley had to go to the bathroom frequently. Callaghan didn’t care, though: she remained curled up on the back of the couch, purring contentedly.
She was in her own little world.

Chapter 2

“I was a muffin once, filled with cream cheese,” said Ashley.
Her ramblings were becoming stranger by the day. Callaghan was just a cat, but even so, she worried about her master.
If Ashley had to be committed to a mental hospital again, what would become of Callaghan?

Chapter 3

It was an old white creeper van: the kind you never wanted to go near, even if an old man was handing out free candy from the back.
The van crept through the neighborhood serpent-like, seeking out easy prey.

Callaghan didn’t worry about such things. Being a cat, as she was, she had only three major concerns:

  1. Were her food and water dishes full?
  2. Was her litterbox relatively free of poop?
  3. Did she have a warm spot where she could curl up and stare at the wall for a few hours?

No other events of the world concerned her, except insofar as they affected the above three matters.
Such was the life of an old tabby cat.

Chapter 4

The Windows error sounded like an angry elephant. Ashley had never heard an angry elephant, although she was plenty
familiar with angry birds. She played Candy Crush on Facebook, making candies disappear almost as quickly on the screen
as they disappeared into her mouth in real life.

“Sweet!” the Candy Crush voice told her. It was much nicer than the other voices: the ones who told her to start fires.

Those voices got her into trouble.

Chapter 5

Callaghan yawned. Then she looked around briefly, lowered her head, and fell asleep again. Her stomach was not empty enough
to warrant a trip to her food bowl, nor was her bladder full enough to mount an expedition to the litter box.

Chapter 6

“Meow!” Callaghan complained. Ashley had leaned her head back, brushing against Callaghan’s stomach.

“Sorry, Callaghan,” Ashley said, rubbing her belly apologetically, but Callaghan had already forgotten the incident.

Chapter 7

Lucky seven. There is no content in this chapter.

Chapter 8

A bird outside the window scared Ashley. This was not the fault of the bird — who was simply looking for a delicious earthworm on a cold December afternoon — but the fright of seeing a bird outside the window scarred Ashley emotionally.

Callaghan slept through the entire incident, though she, too, was terrified of birds. Squirrels, too.

The End


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